New Therapist 51

The Communicative Edition




Reflections on the art of psychotherapy

Adam Blatner discusses the complexity of techniques involved in therapy.


The cognitive elegance of the adaptive psychotherapy of Robert Langs

Robert Haskell uncovers the psychoanalytic leanings in Langs’ work on unconscious communication to understand the linguistic and cognitive operations behind it.


Deaths in the family

Family therapy mourns the loss of five key members.


The Bible as an overlooked resource for psychotherapists

Robert Langs shares his insights into how the Bible interacts with archetypes, death anxieties and the adaptive approach.


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New Therapist 49

The Consumed Edition











All consuming

A brief synopsis denoting some of the issues involved in the effects of the self-help culture and consumerism on the wellbeing of society.


On the psychology of materialism: Wanting things, having things and being happy

Sukki Yoon and Patrick Vargas take a look at the "why" behind our lust for things.


Belabored: The cult of life as a work of art

Micki McGee writes about the self-help culture as a response to the uncertainties of long-term employment and marriage.


Pharmaceutical marketing and the invention of the medical consumer

Kalman Applbaum demystifies some of the assumptions at work in the marketing of diseases by pharmaceutical companies in order to increase drug sales.


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New Therapist 50

The Mandated Edition











Change on demand: Mandated therapy and treatment outcomes

Reseach rrelated to mandated therapy reveals findings that are often contrary to that which would be expected ...


From coercion to cooperation: Working with clients who don't want therapy

Lois Shawver and Harlene Anderson share their views and eperience with mandated clients in an interview with NT.


Toward the event: On the question of working with mandated clients

Christopher Kinman reviews our views of mandated therapy and questions what we qeustion regarding the mandated client.


Making mandated coundelling work: Understanding the emotion-processing mind of a client

Robert Langs talks about treating mandated clients from an adaptive approach and the role of death anxieties in difficulties these patients present with.


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