New Therapist 9

The integrated edition











Putting the pieces together:

The rise of integrative psychotherapy. Click here for the full story.


The strength that is integrative psychotherapy:

An exclusive, exhaustive interview with Paul Wachtel, author of some of the seminal books in the field, on the history, present and future of integrative therapy.


Paramodern therapy

In this edition's 50th Minute, Postmodern writer Glenn Larner charts a balanced path through the integrative therapy landscape.


Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing:

Integrative ingenuity or hypnotic sleight of hand? A look at some of the controversy that has dogged one of the most rapidly growing approaches to trauma treatment.


Integral EMDR:

Francine Shapiro, originator of EMDR, tells New Therapist how her approach pays homage to all the major psychotherapeutic traditions by drawing on each of their strengths to produce the EMDR treatment protocols. Click here for a full transcript of the interview.


In your mind's eye:

Uri Bergmann speculates on the neurobiology of EMDR in language for the neurologically naive and pictures for the visuospatially challenged. Click here for the full text of this accessible neorological disection of EMDR.


Books: Turning clients into heroes

Tom Strong on Barry Duncan and Scott Miller's The Heroic Client, a moderately heroic new voice for a brand of therapy which carries less of the baggage of grand theory.


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New Therapist 7

The wired edition












Are you internet compliant?

The nuts and bolts of online therapy: Cutting through the internet jargon.


Online therapy - A minefield of opportunities:

An interview with John Grohol, president of the International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO).


Seven steps to setting up online:

Contracting with clients for online therapy.

The ethics and law of online therapy.

The best of the web for offline therapists.


Internet addiction: To diagnose or disregard

Get both sides of this hotly debated coin, from Kimberly Young, founder of the Centre for Online addiction, and Jeffrey Schaler, author of the controversial new book 'Addiction is a choice'.


50th Minute

Psychotherapy and consumption

Christopher Heard on why online therapy is another insidious commodifies existence.


Hey, therapist! Wanna be a coach?

Coaches, that new breed of allegedly feelgood therapy lookalikes, have a lot to teach therapists about how to get paying clients, keep them, and focus on that slippery concept called "happiness". If you're a littles dismissive and equally intrigued, you may be interested in our inside track on how to get a slice of one of the fastest growing helping professionals.


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New Therapist 8

The politics and evolution edition












Exclusive coverage from the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference

Some 5,500 therapists converged on Anaheim in late June to hear an impressive collection of the therapy world's most prominent figures speak about the state of the profession.


Giving depression a fair hearing

The only thing more provocative than the things James Hillman has to say about psychotherapy these days is the manner in which he says them. In late May, he told the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference about why we really need to lend a more attentive ear to depression. Click here for this feather ruffling angle on the dark side of our approach to depression.


Psychotherapy and Politics

If you thought the two had nothing to do with each other, Nick Totton, author of a brand new book by the same name, reveals some unsavoury snapshots of the underbelly of the politics in therapy.


Engaging the alienation

Fred Newman and Lois Holzman, the controversial therapists from New York's East Side Institute for Short Term Psychotherapy, explain their intimate relationship with politics and offer an account by a former client of her experience of "social therapy".


50th Minute

Tim Barry disects the politics of, oooh, feeling cool. Click here for the full article.



Jeffrey Schaler's new book Addiction is a Choice is not going to make him a lot of friends for him among the legions of those who make their money "treating" addiction. If you're looking for a new line on addiction, this is a compelling way to wipe the slate and begin with a new paradigm .


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