New Therapist 6

The pop edition












And you thought the therapy industry didn't have it's own fashions?


So, what is postmodernism and what does it have to do with therapy anyway? - An interview with Lois Shawver.


The frog and the swan:

A 16-page play by world renowned psychoanalyst Robert Langs.


37 years of therapy:

Lynn Hoffman glances back at a career of changing therapeutic trends.


A new zone of effectiveness for psychotherapy - By Bruce Ecker and Laurel Hulley. Click here for full article.


50th Minute

Unpicking labels: Tom Strong unpacks how to unpick labels to which clients are committed.


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New Therapist 4

The undone edition












Where violence has been:

Rural trauma interventions in the heart of darkness.


Trauma intervention:

Charting the territory - The definitive guide to the state of the art of trauma intervention.


Couch free:

The first in a series of articles on how therapists are using their therapeutic skills in unexpected settings.


Assessing educational assessments:

Re-examining the usefulness of educational assessments in a third-world schooling context.


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New Therapist 5

The Y2K edition












Exclusive interviews/contributions from 14 of the world's leading therapeutic thinkers.


Harlene Anderson

Balancing practice, science and humanity.


Tom Anderson - Ethics, ontology and peace


Albert Ellis - Yours rationally.


Kenneth Gergen - Ghost in the therapy machine.


Raymond Fowler - From curing to caring.


Fred Newman and Lois Holzman - The relevance of Marx to therapeutics in the 21st century.


Robert Langs - At the dawning of a new millenium.


Ype Poortinga - Counting on change in accounting for change.


San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group - Let the people have (empirically valid) therapy.


Thomas Szaz - On the future of psychotherapy.


Neville Symington - A century of narcissism.


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