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Nature and moral development

In a time of rapid climate change, our impoverished natural environment may be a result of a condition that Peter Kahn terms environmental generational amnesia. Kahn writes about the importance of children's interaction with nature for moral development, emotional well-being and conserving our planet.


Can spiritual values combat global warming?

Thanissara explores fighting global warming on a spiritual level where the battle field is our collective denial of the consequences of global warming and the weapons we fight with are spiritual values.


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New Therapist 47

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Off the beaten track

Psychotherapy must contend with various alternative therapies, which are growing in popularity among clients seeking emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. In this article we offer a guide to less well-known therapies.


The first decade of cyber psychology

John Suler reminisces about changes and constants in the realm of cyber psychology over the last 10 years.



Pamela Kulbarsh outlines the work of the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team


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New Therapist 48

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The empty chair: Making your absence less traumatic for everyone

Ann Steiner's essential toolkit for dealing with unexpected therapist absences.

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Forced absences: When the therapist falls off the edge of her planet

Psychologist Floss Michell recounts how her career-changing back surgery overhauled her relationships with work colleagues and clients.


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