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For: Psychological intervention as evidence-based therapy

Evidence-based therapy is undeniably part of mental healthcare landscape. And even if you're opposed to it, Graham Lindegger argues, there are ways of responding to it that don't necessarily demand that we sell our souls. This is how he wrestles with and makes sense of the calls for evidence.


Against: The contaminated scalpels of evidence-based medicine

Evidence-based medicine is like any other market-driven phenomenon, riven with vested interests, politics and skullduggery. Bernard McDowell outlines some of the best reasons to regard evidence-based medicine with extreme suspicion and proposes reclaiming psychotherapy to the commons as a response.


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New Therapist 41

The client-centered edition











Under the lamplight

Bearnard O'Riain, who found the value of violence as an Irish Republican Army fighter, presents a moving account of how violence poisoned his marriages, shattered relationships and brought him to the brink... And how he wrestled the demon of domestic violence with personal determination and psychotherapy. A unique and moving look into the secret life of domestic violence and an exclusive interview with the author.


Time Out

A unique approach to using psychotherapeutic communities with high-functioning outpatient groups: The challenges, the nuances and the satisfaction of dethroning the therapist and allowing the clients to be the authors of healing.


Case discussion, storytelling or gossip

Is what we like to call "case discussion" any more than an elaborate excuse for breaking the confidence of those who aren't there to put their own case: The cases themselves. Jackie Plank provokes a more client-centred re-examination of the crusty notions we hold about our self-important discussions about our clients.


Client accounts:

Client accounts of what worked and what did not in their personal psychotherapy.

Anorexia treatments way too skinny, by Lucy Daniels.

A tale of three therapists, by Richard Sass.


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New Therapist 42

The debunking edition











Debunking the Serotonin theory of


The serotonin theory is the most commonly peddled myth about the origins of the scourge of depression. But it is fundamentally unproven.


Emotionally Focused Couples


Susan Johnson takes a look at undestanding the critical role that emotion plays in an intimate relationship and suggests a model for addressing problems in couples therapy.


Terminating termination



Unpacking the difficulties around terminating therapy and how ethical guidelines can assist in keeping the process as painless and uncomplicated as possible.


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