New Therapist 34

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Out of Africa

Augustine Nwoye's approach to counselling victims of HIV/AIDS is no text-book Freudian scheme. In fact, you may balk at his attitude and his approach. He breaks rules, he makes rules but he refuses to see Africa ruled by the scourge of the epidemic that Western medicine and psychotherapy has been unable to manage.


The relationship house

You may build, you may renovate. You can demolish or you might decorate. And if you are talking about a relationship, you can also elaborate on this useful metaphor of a couple's relationship as a house.


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New Therapist 35

The ethical edition











Daily ethical hygiene

The essential guide to regular ethical health assessment and maintenance. Jam packed with assessments, articles, guides to resolving ethical impasses and more.


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New Therapist 36

The dramatic edition











Beyond Psychodrama

Psychodrama veteran Adam Blatner distills the gems of psychodrama from a lifetime of professional practice and publishing.


Dying to live

Suicides among South Africa's black popluation are rising sharply. But the explanations are scarce and the lives of the victims seldom well enough understood to bring some sense to this phenomenon. This is the story of one woman's struggle to live, given expression in her inclination to die.


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