New Therapist 28

The alternatives edition











A few big, fat theories

America begins to size up its obesity crisis


Boxing the memories

Africa's novel therapeutic response to the emotional ravages of the Aids epidemic.


Herbs for heads

A therapist's primer of the most commonly used alternative remedies for depression and anxiety problems.


Charred and cindered

Some reflections on the alternatives to what many assume to be the normal, corrosive run of things in the life of a professional therapist: Burnout.


And after psychiatry...

Reflections on the shape of mental health care after mainstream, medically dominated psychiatry has run its course.



A smart look at stuck learners


50th Minute

More Chinese placebo puzzles: And more meanderings through the benign power of the placebo and the dangers of antidepressants.


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New Therapist 29

The boundaries edition











But is it love?

Internationally renowned psychoanalyst and writer Glen Gabbard talks about treating, managing and overcoming the effects of sexual boundary transgressions.


Consciousness that transcends spacetime

The metapsychology of psychoanalysis gives us a lens that makes it hard to see some of the material clients bring to their sessions. Andrew Powell explores an alternative vantage point that includes far more than what traditional psychoanalysis takes into account.



Solution focused therapy for agency settings


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New Therapist 30

The inside-out edition











Inside out

Welsh psychiatrist David Healy takes on the pharma giants - from within.


Drug makers on the ropes

Pharmaceutical companies have received some uncomfortable attention from government bodies in a few countries of late. And the law enforcers are asking awkward questions about the way the drug makers are "testing", "marketing" and reporting on their pyschiatric products to the medical fraternity.


Remembering Gianfranco Cecchin

Gianfranco Cecchin, the humble cofounder of the Milan school of family therapy passed away on February 2. We remember his contributions to the therapy world and the very beginnings of New Therapist.


Recommended reads for this edition

In this edition, we remember Gianfranco Cecchin, the gently provocative but eternally self-examining co-founder of the Milan school of family therapy. But Cecchin, after the erosion of the group that constituted the Milan school, increasingly turned his atttention to the prejudices therapists bring to their consultations with clients. And there's no better introduction to this critical, irreverent later period in his work than our two book selections for this edition.


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