New Therapist 27

The survival edition










Healing culture

Tom Strong intrviews National Geographic explorer-in-residence Wade Davis on shamans, therapists and the death of the world's least recognised culture.


Surviving my shadow

An astonishing, true story about how one therapist survived gangsterism, friendship, her shadow and the most unlikely of therapeutic relationships.


Surviving Bhambayi

Those who survive Bhambayi, one of South Africa's most treacherous townships, do it by more then wit and guile. These are the stories of the unique few who get out with their emotional lives.


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New Therapist 25

The mediatory edition











Weaving stories through conflict

Tom Strong talks to Gerald Monk about his narrative approach to mediation.


Moments of email therapy

Long-time psychotherapist Gail Gottlieb and her client R give an insider's view on-and assessment of-their forays into email-based therapy.


Out of the frying pan

Rodney Yoder, who's been fi ghting to get out of a mental health centre for over a decade, is now apparently sane enough for a low security facility...

... oh, yes, and a charge of attempted first degreemurder, too.


50th Minute

Weapons of mass projection:

A psychotherapist's take on the war with Iraq.


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New Therapist 26

The clean edition










Coming clean

The spotless low-down on the philosophy behind, techniques underpinning, and nagging questions about, Penny Tompkins and James Lawley's reading of David Grove's minimalist Clean Language therapy.


Diagnostic detractor

Paula Caplan, DSM IV committee member turned whistle-blower, tells New Therapist of the bizarre politics behind the APA's prevarications on who it decides to call mad


Screen play

Tim Barry has been experimenting with the use of video in therapy with his clients.


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