New Therapist 24

The mind-control edition












In three minds

Making sense of mind control, from three key perspectives


Mind warrior:

Psychologist and cult survivor Steve Hassan talks about his work with members of cult-like organisations


I, Deborah Layton

Deborah Layton left Jonestown six months before 913 fellow followers of Jim Jones were found poisoned or shot to death. She talks to New Therapist about the kind of help she'd have liked and got.


Culture shock

Social therapists Fred Newman and Lois Holzman respond to allegations that their brand of therapy operates like a cult.


Two's company, one's allowed

Couple therapists David and Jill Scharff and Michele Weiner Davis debate the merits or otherwise of couple counselling with one partner.


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New Therapist 22

The revolution edition












Diagnostic debacle

"Relational disorders": Welcome diagnostic revolution or psychiatric delusion? We ask Ken Gergen, Lynn Hoffman, Jay Lebow, Peggy Papp and Thomas Szasz.


Quiet revolutionary

Elio Frattaroli's new book Healing the Soul in the Age of the Brain pulls no punches. And it might presage the throwing of a few metaphorical punches in his revolution to have psychotherapy accorded a place at least equal to that of psychiatric medication. Elio speaks exclusively to New Therapist on his incisive take on the mental health world of the 21st century.


Major pain in the ass

J. Wyatt Ehrenfels has a big mouth. But the stuff that comes out of this fellow's trap could engender the kind of productive, growth-oriented pain that psychology is happy to sell to others but reluctant to administer to itself.


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New Therapist 23

The wordy edition












Publish and be damned (good)

The psychotherapist's guide to getting published,

surviving the ride and writing about the process.

First, get yourself to write...

Then publish...

But first read, then write

Glossary of publishing speak


Bumpy ride

Step-by-step guide to turning your literary

endeavours into published works


Write of passage

A philosopher/psychotherapist refl ects on the

struggle to get her work published


Surviving the DT's and other maladies

New York Times writer Pat Olsen on making space for black cats, alcoholic parents and absent siblings in the rewriting of a life story.


Luring the wolf from the attic

Sophia Richman was haunted by her holocaust experiences for decades. That was until she wrote her way to health in her recent book, A Wolf in the Attic. Click here to read the full article.


A web of opportunities

Getting more clients via the internet


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