New Therapist 21

The big ideas edition












Oiling the wheels of change

The mixed fortunes of an ambitious UK programme to boost emotional literacy.


Honouring our clients' resistance to violence and oppression

Allan Wade tells Tom Strong of his preference for focusing on clients' efforts to beat their abuse rather than talk about its effects


Processing worldwork

Process work practitioner Lesli Mones talks about worldwork, the big idea which ha emerged from Arny Mindell's process approach.


Servant-leadership: The doorway to community

Why serving is the world-changing form of leading.


Placebo power

Have you noticed lately how well the placebo is faring in the drug trial circuit? Have you noticed that some people seem to not want to notice?


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New Therapist 19

The retrospective edition












Witnessing Kaethe Weingarten:

Common hope from common shock


The heart and soul of family therapy:

A review of and extract from Lynn Hoffman's candid new book on her career in family therapy.


Life or Theory?

The evolution of a therapist across life transitions



All the freshest therapy news, research, book reviews and conferences.


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New Therapist 20

The brief edition












A hitchhikers guide to solution-focused therapy

The lay of the solution-focused land, its inhabitants and its customs


No problem: Talking solutions with Steve de Shazer

An exclusive, no-nonsense interview with the no-nonsense co-founder of no-nonsense solution-focused brief therapy



An interview with Bill O'Hanlon about the possibilities of his Possibility Therapy and its departures from all the schools in which Bill spent his thereutic apprenticeships


DOBT tool kit for rapid, in-depth effectiveness

Methods and concepts of depth-oriented brief therapy


50th Minute

Rodney Yoder puts "mental illness" on trial


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