New Therapist 18

The dosh edition












A century of fees

In short, we've struggled for around a century to talk candidly and openly about the money we make as therapists. Here's our brief bird's-eye view of our profession's attempts to make friends with the psychotherapy fee.


The 20-minute money manager

Everything you ever wanted to ask about therapy and money, but thought it too mercenary, untherapeutic and uncaring to ask. The most comprehensive, most compact, most candid 16 pages you'll find anywhere on all things financial for the private therapist, including:

Setting your fee options

The therapy contract

Managing bad debts

Top tips for boosting your business

Ethical guidelines for better money management


Five steps to becoming a first-rate consultant

Psychologist-consultant trainer and guru Marion Gindes holds your hand into the consultant world in a manner that would make even the most consultant-shy therapist feel thoroughly held.


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New Therapist 16

The world therapy edition












World therapy

The world could do with some therapy.

And we 're the therapists.


World therapy news

Everybody 's got an angle on the 911 attacks and their aftermath. Here are some that made the news


Therapists of the world, unite

Controversial New York therapist Fred Newman with a controversial take on the "war ".


Blinding and deafening moments... and threatening futures

Tom Andersen on the world 's noise and the noise that happens in therapy.


Death anxiety,unconscious morality and human terrorism

World renowned New York psychoanalyst Robert Langs examines the attackers and the attacked in a psychoanalytic perspective.


Getting rational about Sept 11

Albert Ellis on the anxiety response to the new world order.


Inviting new meanings

A postmodern discussion about new ways of talking about recent events.


50th Minute - By Howard Atkinson

Wild and whacky. But then, that's what war does to us, doesn't it?


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New Therapist 17

The performance edition












Deadly therapy

Unlikely, you'd think, but therapists have killed their clients in the past. We dissect the meaning of the most recent of these - the death of Candace Newmaker, aged 10, last year, during a dodgey "rebirthing" procedure.


Performing the world

A unique conference by Fred Newman 's social psychology crew and a unique report by two performers in the audience.


A dramatic turn

The Therapeutic Spiral Model of trauma treatment, its dramatic roots and emerging fruits.


Postcards from the edge

A South African 's tale of a struggle to adjust to a foreign health system in a foreign country.


Fit to go

One therapist who didn 't wait for her ticket out of hourly therapy work.She printed it herself.


50th Minute - By Howard Atkinson

The real deal

Howard Atkinson doesn't buy this performance rash - at least not as a long-term salve to his own disillusionment with his therapy work. He'd prefer the real deal.


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